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Oh my. Brilliance.


I just bought something from Terrain for Christmas for Mark - it was my first experience with them...(online only, but the shop looks FUN!) I love the items you chose! Will Clara fit in that grape lug? (photo shoot)

betsy sammarco

oh Laura i love your blog so much and even more so because i clicked on your terrain link and one is coming to my state about 1/2 hour away!

Moira Coates

Oh heaven! I think I need to move to the USA ;-)


first canvas.
now terrain.



Oh my goodness gracious this place looks amazing!


i'm not looking
i'm not looking
i'm not looking.


Great. Just Great. Now I need this: http://www.shopterrain.com/wall%2Ddecor/travelers%2Dkey%2Drack

Steph H

If you keep talking about that pantry I may not be able to be your friend anymore :)


Mad at you. You went without me. ;) Next time you're up, let's get brunch at the cafe. xoxoxo

Brigid Kehoe

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Terrain! I only allow myself one visit every 3 months or else I'd be in deep do-do! Lunch is great too. I have pictures of the ladies room sink on my phone!
Anthropologie - also a very dangerous place!

du hoc anh | du hoc canada

Nice garden ! Thank for sharing:D

Susan Stork

Did you eat in the greenhouse? Great place to eat and gather ideas. Plus, the lavender lattes are amazing! A dear friend took me about 4 years ago. Now we go yearly and in March I go to buy a lot of adorable plants as fillers for our outdoor pots.


ok. i'm in awe. road trip is in order. Thank you.


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