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.....good thing you are a night owl like me!

Imagine having to wait a few days for this news....



Love the name Elizabeth. And what an awesome birth date and time! My Nan still has telegrams that she received when some members of the family were born - and they aren't really that old.


i love this! hooray elizabeth and molly!


what a perfect birthday! :)


I'm still sooooo drunk. Drunk off of the excitement of the baby. Get it. See what I did there? Can't wait to meet her!!!

Steph H

Well there's a L in Elizabeth and Laura and there's a Z in Elizabeth and Meckenzie...totally just like she named them after both of you :)


Aw. Welcome to your newest special little one!


Awww, I love that you two were following along and those texts are hilarious. It was definitely quite the countdown to 2012, and a very long labor, but Elizabeth is just perfect! Can't wait for you to meet her.

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What did I do before I could text/facebook? Had a pretty productive, erudite life... Well, so long...


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