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Your simple style has been one of my go-to places for inspiration for a long time :)


I have always LOVED your style and am so sad to see you go! I will keep on following you as I just love your blog as a whole!


I love your style and you were always one of the first people I checked out when the gallery was revealed. I will miss your pages. I need to bookmark your blog as I always just linked through from sc. Xxx

Allie Hamblin

I am so sorry to hear that you are leaving. Yours was the first gallery I checked every month and I have more layouts inspired by you in my albums than anyone since Tina Cockburn was on the DT. I hope you continue sharing your amazing work and I wish you all the best for the future. Allie


Thank-you for this post-like you say scrapbooking is a business but I do think it's lost it's roots.I'm a grandma and scrapping for me is about remembering and leaving my family my thoughts and memories but when every layout I see requires pounds worth of products or equipment(especially equipment!) to achieve I think this is not the way for me.
I hope you will continue posting your layouts you've inspired me that it can be done, if that's what we want, without quite so much pressure to break the bank!


Dear Laura, you are such a lovely person and so authentic and genuine. I can see how much you love your family Every page you create. It makes me sad to hear you and others are hearing such unkind things from opinionated and mean-spirited people. I discovered your blog when Ali Edwards, the original scrapbook trendsetter, said that she admired you do much and linked to your blog. Your beautiful and original style is so
Lovely. I will miss seeing it eachonth in the sc gallery. All
The best.


Laura, THANK YOU for this post. It articulates so well what I have been thinking for a while. Somewhere along the line memory-keeping became self-promotion and rife with competition. I agree with you - for some this is a business and profit is paramount. But I'm not sure I'm 100% comfortable with the atmosphere this has fostered over the past couple of years. I hope you continue to share your creations - I have always loved your style and your blog is one of the few that has reduced me to tears and made laugh uncontrollably :) Best of luck.


Well said Laura. Concise and direct...much like your scrapbooking style. Love what you do and hope you continue to share. Love those littles who are so lucky to have you!

betsy sammarco

Laura - your SC gallery was always the first one I'd check out. I adore your scrapbooking style and philosophy.

Keep posting your pages!


I found your blog after becoming a SC subscriber. Even though I cancelled by subscription months ago, I still love following your blog. I look forward to seeing what this new phase in your life will bring!

Michelle L

I hope that you still plan on crafting and sharing here because I have always loved your work!

Mary Jo

Laura - I personally love your style! I have ever since you won ck hall of fame and were a suziebeezieland girl :) and this is not a slam of SC, but I have noticed myself distancing myself from that site for a long time. Just not *my* style any more. So I do hope you don't stop posting pages on your blog and keep sharing with us!


Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air in a world where what you sell has become more important than what you have to say or offer. I love your style and will keep visiting your blog for inspiration.

Pamela B

Laura, your gallery is always the first one I head to when a new kit is revealed. In fact, i'm pretty sure my "favourites" is full of your work! My stomach dropped when I saw you'll no longer be with the team. I am very, very disappointed.

I'm so very thankful you have a blog and love your candor :) I've loved hearing about your little house in the big woods, and keeping up with how awesome Charlie and Clara are. I have a two year old, and find so much of what you say resonates so clearly for me. Will continue to be a fan always, design team or not. Thank you!

emily (justem)

Thank you for being honest. I hate the hype. I hate self-promotion. I've always loved that you were YOU. You scrapped the way you wanted to. You talked about what you wanted to. Thank you for that. You will be missed. :)


I will miss seeing your lovely work there. You are in inspiration.

Rachel Millington

Your gallery was always my favourite at SC and I will miss you! I love your style. So glad you've got a blog so you can keep inspiring hun. Good luck to you xXx


I, for one, absolutely adored your style! You were, by FAR, my favorite on the SC Design Team! I love your simplicity and it always seemed like your main focus was the photos & words....not all the products! :) You have talent and I hope to continue to be inspired by you!

Best wishes for whatever may come your way!


Your gallery at studio calico is the only one I looked at. Love your clean and simple style. Bravo for your words because they are so true.

I'll always check in here like I always do because you're more than a girl who scraps! Enjoy the freedom to create what you want!

lisa houpt

First time commenting here...just wanted to say...I love how simple your layouts are and how they focus on the photos - your familie's memories. Your work is always so classy and beautiful! I will miss your work at SC Laura.

I wish you all the best - you deserve it!

Take Care!


I will miss your work Laura! Your layouts are so classy and timeless. I will still be a fan no matter if it's just you scrapping on your rocker!

Marianne Gonzales

Well said! I'm new to your blog but love your style. Scrapping is doing what you love, not selling product.


What a beautiful post. I too prefer clean, graphic styles like yours that focus on the pictures and not the products--because I scrapbook for the pictures, the memories, and the way I feel when I sit down and remind myself of all the wonderful parts of life and the people I share them with.

I have a hard time finding people in the scrapbooking industry with styles that I love and that are similar to my own, but you are one of them.

Please keep up the amazing work (at your leisure, of course) and know that your are still inspirational to so many of us.


i love you x100.
that pretty much says it all ;)


Oh Laura... and that is why I truly love what you do! Your style couldn't be anymore opposite to me, BUT you always amazed and inspired me each and every month. Your simple cluster of embellies always connected with me and always inspired me even though I do double pages with lots of pictures! I would always go back to your gallery several times through out the month. I will never understand why there are such haters out there towards people... just dont get it. I will truly miss seeing your work. I really hope you will share here on your blog!

Marti Richards

Laura- I love your style and I will miss seeing your work at SC. I will definitely be checking in on you. I love that you are REAL. You post is right on. Thank you for that.


I love your style and I love your blog. I will keep visiting often. Thanks for sharing and letting me get to "virtually" know you.


Laura, I have loved your pages since I first found them and have been following your blog since. I don't understand what they're thinking at SC or what's going on over there with all the changes announced today, but I think they've made a mistake, at least in your case. I will continue following your blog and I hope you continue sharing your beautiful pages!


Thanks for a heartfelt post. I am sad to see you go from SC as your gallery was the most unique. A DT has nothing to do with your worth ...remember that. Thanks for inspiring me, I hope that you continue to share your layouts on your blog. Onward and upward!

Jennifer Archie

I love, love, love your simple style. I work full-time and don't have hours to spend on one page. I love that with a few simple pieces and minimal time, I can still scrap my memories. I'll still be a loyal fan of your blog and hope you continue to post your pages. May you "scrap on"!!!

Julie Reid

The first page in my inspiration binder is your wedding page.I love that page so much! That is when I fell in love with kraft,found that I could use anything on my pages(the coaster from Target, genius!), & started following your blog:) I too am sad to see you leave SC, but I know that you will continue to inspire us here on your blog!
Thank you for being honest & for just being you!

Steph B

Laura, it is because of your SC gallery that I check your blog daily. Your layouts are always stunning and great inspiration for moms who work outside the home and don't have time to spend hours per layout or keep up with trends. I hope you will continue to share your talents and layouts here on your blog!! I will certainly miss your SC layouts... Kudos to you for just being you!!

Vanessa M Santamaria

Laura, I will miss you a LOT!!!! I have to say that I am not a very simple scrapbooker but I have come to really appreciate your style and I always check your gallery and your blog. You are an inspiration!! I love your style and grace.


thanks for always keeping it real, laura. please, please keep sharing on your blog - i've always loved your work:) still do. always will...


Pam Callaghan

Laura, you stick to what you like to do and this is so important! Wtg for doing that! I admire your attitude! Hope to see you still scrapping. PS- I own a small die cut machine which I don't really use and I have never misted!! :) I try to stick what I like to do as well!


I. Love. You. That is all.


Well, boo. :(
Count me in another who is sad to see you go. Your beautiful pages were a breath of fresh air at SC, and I hope you'll continue to scrapbook and share them here. I applaud you for staying true to your classic, minimal style. :)
( oh, and the hype? I could not agree MORE!!!)


I have always thought scrapbooking was supposed to be about the photos and memories, which you convey better than anyone.
Everyone else can have the gobs of product, I'll enjoy your timeless style anyday :)

Allison Waken

I always love your honestly and "trueness" if that's even a word. Thank you for it.


I am so sad to hear you won't be on the team anymore. I have loved your style since you were on the Hall of Fame for CK. You are what brought me to Studio Calico because I was looking for your layouts online and google led me to SC. I always saved your gallery for the last to look at each month, savoring the anticipation. I hope you will continue to share your work on your blog!

Rebecca Lovell

I will miss you so much at Studio Calico! Your pages have been some of my very favorites! I hope to see you somewhere else very soon!!! At least here! :)


Laura, to see that you we're leaving SC literally made me cry. I think you are one of the most talented scrapbookers out there. I love your style and you write such beautiful heartfelt journaling. When it comes to me you are definately selling product. I check what you and Tina get, then I get that too. The hole you leave at SC will never be filled. I really, really hope that you will keep creating and sharing here on your blog or elsewhere. You are a huge inspiration to me.


I hear you, which is why I left, too, and I never looked back. Love you, girlee. I've always been a fan of you. xoxo

Melinda T

Lurker here, coming out! :D Just wanted to say thank you for being true and being you. You're simple, fuss-free and inspiring!

I don't have a "style", but I do prefer clean and simple! I love seeing whats new and whats in, but honestly would go broke buying it all. Not to mention not having enough time to use it all!

Thanks for sharing not only your scrappiness, but stories of your house and your family! Keep sharing, we'll all be here.


I love your scrapbook style. It's how I first started reading here, but it definitely isn't the reason that I still read here. I think the way you look at life, and the way you handle every challenge that comes your way, is inspiring.

Becky Trump

L, I'll say it again - you are so.damn.eloquent. I wanted to write a post like this back in January, but could not find the words. Thank you for saying exactly what I wanted to say but could not. Shit, you are like Hallmark, girl ;)
All kidding aside, I will forever follow your work - no matter what team, or place you post. My style may not be yours but I will always appreciate and love your style.
I will forever remember the LO of yours that made me go, "whoa! I wanna see more!" It was your "Silver Trailer" Layout :)


Laura - Your layouts are timeless and the simplicity is what has always drawn me in. I have become so overwhelmed with all the new gadgets and gizmos that I have to remind myself to focus on the people in the pictures and record the moment. And that is what you do so well. I love reading your blog and watching your little ones grow up. You are one uber talented lady and I will miss your gallery at SC. Best wishes for wherever your creative life decides to take you - from a fellow east-coaster --


I love love LOVE your style of scrapbooking! I will definitely miss seeing your gallery but i'll be here to check up on what layouts you've done. All the best!


First time commenting. I found your blog years ago because of scrapbooking, and I've been a reader since then. I realize we don't know each other, but I love reading your updates about your house and your family. :)

Sarah W

Laura thank you for all the inspiration both at SC and here on your blog. I truly hope you continue to share your work. I love how you really display the stories and photos in your pages. You are definitely one of the best out ther for reals!


wow...they really just don't get it over there. anyway, you go, girl. rock on!

Sherry Eckblad

I personally love your style on Studio Calico and it is so sad when a DT becomes just a list of names and people who look like paper doll cut outs of each other.


When I first watched you scrapbooking, way back when, I thought that was how everyone scrapbooked.

Then you started working for companies, and I saw scrapbooking done by others with, as Jodie said, "gobs of product", I realized how outstanding YOUR work was. I could actually SEE the photos and READ the journaling you did. They were not totally obscured by frou-frou and six kinds of patterned paper, or loaded with embellishments and trendy "stuff".

So here is what I think.....this is Studio Calico's loss, not yours!



I love that I'm like the 79th person to comment on this post.

1.) You know how I feel about the Amazing Pages of Laura Kurz. I might wallpaper a room with them some day. I still look at your HOF and Scrapbooker's Almanac pages and sigh with happiness.
1a.) I'm not kidding on either of those.

2.) Both my beloved Jodys commented on this post, and they know their eloquent/simple masterpieces.

: )

rhonda nickol

Laura I haved loved getting to know you and your family thru SC. You have taught me that i don't have to put everything on own on a layout that simple can be beautiful and powerful, but mostly it is about family and the little things in life that matter. I will be keeping up with you and have a cup of coffee for me on that wonderful new porch!


Laura, It's obvious, from reading these posts, that you have a true following. When one door closes, another one opens. You should have your own site and screw Studio Calico.....it's their loss. And, like all the others, I just love looking at your scrapbook pages. They're a lesson in time; not a lesson in scrapbooking.


Hi Laura
I was really really sad to hear about you leaving. I am sorry SC have made this decision. I usually like them as a company but yes they are a brand after all. Its funny because our style of scrapping is so different and yet you are one of my favourite scrappers. I have used so many of your inspirations, your quotes, and the idea to scrap labels from baby clothes. Please please keep posting your layouts here! i will always come back and check!

Claire T

What an excellent post! I shall certainly continue to follow your work as I adore the clean creative style. I will miss your monthly layouts as they always inspired me. I could never hope to emulate it but a range of styles is what I loved about the SC DT. If I wNted vanilla I would go elsewhere.

caz hancock

Sorry to see you go. I know i never leave comments but i have you on my blog as inspiration, i always come when i see you have updated, i have loved to read about your move and your family and i still will even if you are no longer at SC :)


I have loved your style for a long, long time...because it is true to who you are. You are not, never have been, about the almighty dollar/product/ promotion. I gravitate to those who get it (imagine 72 pt. font). Therefore, I will still be around.... As I know you will be, because it isn't about the hype...it is about us.
Love you.. Go bucks.


I'm sorry to see you leave SC. I've always loved your pages. While I understand that these companies are there to make money, I'm sorry to see that they don't see the bigger and more important picture. Your layouts have always been so inspirational for me. Thank you for sharing a little bit of you and your family with me. I can't wait to see what you continue to share around here! :)


keep being amazing :)


I HATE the splatters of mist. I have a feeling they will add another person to the DT that does the same thing with the mist splatters on every. single. layout. Same clump of patterned papers with 2-4 wallet sized photos. Even though you were a minimalist, at least your layouts were inspiring and not one trick pony's! I am really sad to see you go.


I HATE the splatters of mist. I have a feeling they will add another person to the DT that does the same thing with the mist splatters on every. single. layout. Same clump of patterned papers with 2-4 wallet sized photos. Even though you were a minimalist, at least your layouts were inspiring and not one trick pony's! I am really sad to see you go.

kim smart

just wanted to say that i too will miss checking out your gallery at sc!! you really do have a timeless style that i have always loved! really gonna miss you and i hope you will continue to share your layouts here!

Erin Russek

I LOVE your style and check in with your blog every week. This post means a lot to me since I am experiencing something similar with my quilting blog.
Thanks for reminding me.

Erin Russek

I only joined SC 'cuz I liked your stuff so much.
AND, I love your writing


and this is why i adore you.


Just found your blog today! Love your post. Great reminder as to whom we really craft for! I looked through your other posts too. Such happy photos and memories here. Will be back for sure. :)

denise morgan

I could not agree with you more! Although I don't scrap as minimal as you, I think your work is fantastic!
I for one never understood the submitting, the need for recognition the whole thing. I don't upload to galleries because I know my work is good and frankly that's all that matters to me.
So I'm applauding you Laura! Your a classy lady :)


I tried to post twice before but I don't see it so I am sorry for the third one.
I LOVE you style and the only reason I join SC was 'cuz you were on the design team.

Also, I so appreciate your beautiful post because I am experiencing something similar with my quilting blog and it was so good to be reminded

Thank you and Hugs

Wendy Z.

I'm really sad to hear this. I really enjoy looking to your work for inspiration.


Sometimes things are so backwards. You know I love your style. I have never liked over the top adding stuff for the sake of adding scrapbooking. Just so you know I did a whole days research on butterfly punches after looking at one of your layouts. I noticed the details and the differences in the details and that's kind of what makes what you do add important. Would Project Life ever be something that fitted your memory keeping?

Jackie L

I feel like you are one of my children that I have watched grow up over the years. Obviously from all the posts, you will be sorely missed at SC. I was thrilled when you joined the design team and am disappointed with their decision. You have the most heartfelt pages I have ever seen.


I adore you and your pages!!! :) ha... I just lifted you a couple of weeks ago.
I'll still be visiting your blog.

Jessica R.

Well, I think you brought something completely different to scrapbooking and to SC. I don't care if it is not my style. It was different, heartfelt, and totally YOU. There is no one else like that on the team. I'm glad that you always stayed true to your style & your story without trying to do the latest techniques. You'll be missed there but I will still read your blog!


I came upon your blog awhile ago from a link on Ali Edwards site. I have been a loyal reader ever since. To be honest, I had not even heard of Studio Calico until I read your blog. After discovering SC, your pages in the design team gallery were the first I'd go to every month. I love your pages for their simplicity and timelessness, because let's face it, trendy grows old quickly. Your work isn't all about the trends, instead it focuses on capturing the memory of a particular moment. I love that and the SC gallery just won't be the same without you. Good luck and I hope you continue to share scrapbook pages. Even if you don't, I would still continue reading your blog because I think you are just too funny and a great writer too. :)

Michele H.

"You get caught up in that crap and you forget why you're really doing this" - this is an amazing statement. one that i've learned early on.

you have a style that is timeless and beautiful and just plain amazing. i love visiting your space and watching your life unfold. you keep writing and i'll keep visiting.


i've loved you since 2 peas. you've always been one of my favorites. simple style with a story to tell. you did good :)


Laura, your style is ver different from mine but I loved looking at your gallery because it gave me ideas on how to structure my pages for best effect- you photography is always first rate and your tone whenever writing a post or hosting a challenge has always been cheerful and genuine- I will miss your gallery pages very much and I truly believe SC made a very big mistake releasing you from their DT. I do NOT like their DT policy to ask people to leave- I find it a very sad business and I think the scrapbook industry should be held to a higher standard. I hope you stick round and join another team- I will follow you wherever you go. I would wish you best of luck but you don't need. :) I wish your family continued health and happiness and I hope to see you working for someone who respects your talent soon.

kelly purkey

me love you long time.


"You get caught up in that crap and you forget why you’re really doing this."


Hoy y siempre scrapbooking

Laura thank you for your sincerity, thanks for reminding me because I do scrapbooking. I love your style, whether or not you belong to a design team, I'm still a fan and follower of your work.

Thank you for sharing your memories.

Hugs and kisses from Spain
Beatiz Pb.

Jennifer Larson

I love your style. I have taken inspiration from your work since I first saw your pages. Thank you for that, and best wishes. Hoping that you stay creative and keep sharing!


Now that you are not affiliated with a scrapbooking business, I hope you have the creative freedom to FINALLY scrapbook the photos from my wedding night. Come on. It has been 7 years already.


PS - not sure what misting is, but I definitely think it should be on my wedding night page

Valerie M

My first time commenting here, too. Never have I needed to read this post more than right now - thanks for the reality check Laura. It's so easy to get caught up and loose focus on what we are really doing here. I've always been a fan of your work & style and have followed it's evolution - I remember seeing that first page in your post in Creating Keepsakes a long time ago. Regardless of what teams you are on - I will still read your blog and look forward to seeing your beautiful pages.


Stay true and please still scrap and post your art.

Megan Smith

Laura - thank you for your honesty and all your inspiring layouts. I love that you don't follow the trends. I wish you the very best in your creative future and I will continue to look to you for further inspiration.


Honestly, I only visited SC site each month to see your layouts. I hope you continue to share your layouts on your blog because they are so inspiring.


Without exaggeration, I have absolutely loved every single layout you have ever made. I am sorry to see this opportunity end for you, but I'll be waiting to see each new project you make.


Laura, I hope you know how I feel about you, your scrapbooking style, and how you've shared your sweet family with us through your layouts and blog. The one thing that I ALWAYS tell my children-and myself, is how important it is to be true to yourself. To move through each day to the beat of your own drum, and that by doing this, you will always be happy and successful.

Your collection of memories through the photographs and journaling are priceless treasures for your family and no one else.

Love always,

gracie :)


Well said, very well said.


I don't come to your site for the scrapbooking, I come here because you love your kids and it reminds me so, SO much of when mine were littler. You will never ever regret a single moment you *didn't* spend piling product on a layout. But trust me, when your Charlie enters Jr. High like my oldest son John will do this fall, you will never ever regret a single page you put together, regardless of style or product manufacturer or approval from the crowd. YOU are your crowd.

Best wishes in all that you do.



Sharmaine Kruijver

I love your work. That's all I dropped by to say, til I read your post and then I wanted to say I LOVE YOUR WORK!


I love your style..,, of scrap booking....of parenting..., of honest open emotion...., and yes, I'll keep coming back.

Sigrid Doksheim (gosti)

Thanks for loads of lovely inspiration Laura; I truly love your work. Thank God I can still stalk your blog:-)
Hugs from Norway!

Amy Stuart

Beautiful post Laura...I am sorry to see you go. I love your style and will continue to visit your blog to see how you are doing. I also lost a golden retriever, Sugar, who will forever hold my heart....thank you for all of the 'you' that you shared with the SC community.


i so love you, you classy, beautiful, amazing girl.


I've probably never said 'Amen Sister!!!' in my life, but this is an Amen Sister moment!!

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