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Gorgeous. The boy and your floors!

Happy you guys are ok.


So precious! Been thinking of you. And your wonderful mom. Hope things are looking up.


love him.
so glad you are safe and sound.


My heart seriously swells to hear him saying words (and gives me such hope that Luca will do the same in her own time).

Rebecca Lovell

Adorable!! And so glad you are all okay!!! Except for whatever happened to your forehead, that is! :) Can't wait to hear about that!!

Marie Taylor

Ohhh can't wait. Charlie gives me so much hope that someday Jack will start talking too :)

Becky Trump

Oh my goodness! Charlie is adorable! Of course he says scrapbook :)


that's awesome.
so glad you guys are safe. we were luckier than most up here. whew. but, a bit North and East of us...not as much. =(
have a great weekend!


All sorts of awesome!

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