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so glad you are all safe and sound.
so sorry about the beach house, though.
boo hiss boo.


Good grief - I had no idea that Bethany south was inundated -NJ really fell down on the job reporting wise. Who cleared the tree off your driveway? Did Ken do the "man" thing with a noisy saw?? So glad that you all came through OK.I was thrilled to see a new post --I get worried when there is a gap - way too much time on my hands! Hugs all around..

laurie lariviere

mother nature is moody alright, more like full blown menopause...glad you are all okay and there was no damage to your new home, hope you mom is doing okay too, hugs

Rebecca Lovell

I am so happy to hear that you are all okay!!! ♥

Becky Trump

So glad you guys are safe and sound in the big woods. That would have been scary scary!!! Your bathtub looks so pretty :)

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