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Praying and sending hugs for your mom and family. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

Thank you for the spreading the scrappy goodness. :)

elise lindsey

My boyfriends mom is pretty much at the end of her battle with breast cancer right now :( She's in the hospital too. Adding your mama to the end of my prayer list!
I look forward to reading your blog and following along with your cute little families journeys.
Hope your family is able to have a happy and comfortable thanksgiving!


So sorry to hear about your mom, hope she feels better soon. Will be praying for her. So wonderful for you to take the time to be so giving at this time. Thank you.


hope your mom's stay is brief and has successful outcome ... hugs


How nice are you for doing this?? So generous.

I hope your mom is out quickly and back home again.


Prayers for a short stay. Thank you for sharing with us....your family is so sweet. And thank you for sharing your stash.


Prayers for your Mom... And you.
(The rubons bring back many fond memories!"


I always find that serving others helps get me out of my own funk. Thanks for sharing your stash!


Praying over here for you all. What a lovely idea to send out some goodies and bring some joy. And in giving we share the joy, don't we? :-)

Don't stick my name in the hat - I'm a bit far away and haven't scrapped for a while.

Happy Thanksgiving from your turkey-less reader in Zurich.


Wishing your mom a speedy recovery and peace in your heart. Thanks for giving to others, even amidst life's struggles!


Sorry that your Mom is back in the hospital. I hope she's out soon.

Try to get a video of Charlie saying "gobble, gobble". That will make you feel better.

Happy Thanksgiving.

caz hancock

hope your mum feels better soon girl :)

denise costa

Hope your Mom is better soon.
Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for a chance to win.


Continuing to keep your mom & her army of caretakers in my prayers! Hang in there!


so sorry to hear that your mom's back in the hospital. hopefully she will be out soon!! wishing you and your family a great thanksgiving!!

Monica Blain

That is really sweet of you to give things away in a time of distress for you. Prayers for your mom and hugs for you!

lisa houpt

Hope your mom gets better. I know what that is like. My mom has been in and out of ICU for the past 6 months. we are all worried for her. I will make sure to pray for your mom. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!!


Have a wonderful family thanksgiving!


Wishing you and your family all the best through the tough times! Happy Thanksgiving!


Hope you have a good holiday!

susan j.

My thoughts are with you and your mom. As someone who battled through cancer 1 1/2 years ago, it was my family - my husband and two small boys - that kept me going through my chemo and radiation sessions. Lots of hugs to you and your family as you help your mom through her sessions.

Laura C

Hello from one Laura to another. I hope that your mom improves and that you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving.


Awe! This is sooo sweet!

Deborah K.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope your mom will be home soon!

Jennifer Ciriano

That is so generous of you. I actually have boxes that I've been filling up as I go along.

My prayers to your Mother & hugs to you. I know what a toll it can take to see your Mom sick.


Prayers for your mom. I know how difficult it is to see your mother fight cancer, there are no words.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Awesome giveaway Laura you are so generous !

Christi Parker

prayers for your family and a happy thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your very generous give away.


Hoping the best for your mom!!
Hoping there is lots to be thankful for on your thanksgiving!


Hope your mom feels better soon! Thanks for the chance at some goodies. :)


Thanks for the chance, Laura. I'm in the great fight with your mom. Lets go kick some cancer butt!

Julianne Maniago

My prayers go out to your mother. Happy Thanksgiving!

And thank you for the opportunity! Very sweet of you <3

Corina T

Thinking of you and your family.


Hope your Mum's going to be better soon!!! Thanksgiving at the hospital apart from the fam has to be awful..

rhonda nickol

Laura saying many prayers for your Mom. Have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Stephanie G

Thinking good thoughts for your mom!

sara m

Prayers for your Mom!

julie e

Thoughts and prayers to you and your mom. Several years ago, my dad battled cancer through the holiday season and it was sometimes challenging to focus on good things. But it turns out, those are some special memories. Thanks for your generosity and thinking of others.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your Mom. That must be hard for everyone involved.

Thanks for offering a giveaway, too.

Mel nunn

I hope your mum gets better soon! And what a generous person you are to give your unwanted supplies away!


Here's to hoping your moms stay is a short one!

Jamie S.

I went through something similar with my mom a few years ago. Tough stuff. Keeping her, you, and your family in my prayers!

Tiffany Rochelle (tffnyjean)

What a nice thing to do! Thanks for an awesome giveaway! God Bless your mom! Happy Thanksgiving!


Hope your mum improves. Your strength will be a comfort to her. Take care.


Wishing your Mom all the best! And thanks for the giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving.

Gina Ames

Happy Thanksgiving to you Laura! Praying your mom recovers nicely.

Bethany E.

Awesome! Happy Thanksgiving! :)


Sending you lots of prayers and love!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!


What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Winning one of these boxes would be amazing. I don't know if I'd be able to use the supplies tho, or just add them to my Laura shrine. Kidding! Happy Thanksgiving and my best wishes to your mother. Love,


I hope your mom feels better soon.


I hope your mom feels ok soon! It is super nice of you to do a giveaway! I would love to win. Thankyou for the chance! Have a happy thanksgiving!


This is so kind of you.

I'm sorry for what your mother is going through, it must be so tough :( Best wishes!~


Praying for your family and that there will be even more to be thankful for soon


Praying and sending hugs for your mom and family.

Thank you for the spreading the scrappy goodness. :)


Prayers for your Mom!

Thank you for the spreading the scrappy goodness. :)


Praying that your mum gets home soon.


This is really gereous and kind of you. I hope that your mother will get home soon, and be fully recovered in short time. After you wrote about her cancer, I have been reading her blog too sometimes. She is lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have her. I love to see how your family care so much about each other.


I hope your mom is doing better soon!

Emma Tandy

Thinking of your mum and your Family, hope she get better really soon xx

kim woods

How very generous of you! So sorry that your Mum is back in hospital. Thinking of you all at this difficult time. xxx

Cheryl Leong


cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

Patty W

Laura, I am sorry to hear your mom is back in the hospital - hopefully her stay will be very short and her recovery very speedy. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing a chance to win with us!


Lots of love & hugs coming your way xxxxx

Thank you for such a generous giveaway, have an enjoyable day :)


Dear Laura, I would love to win.

Hope that everything will be fine. Happy thanksgiving.


Maybe this will get me crafting again

best wishes to you and your mom...

Valerie Bishop

Sending prayers of healing up for your mother!

Thank you so much for being so generous!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

prayers for your mom!!!

thanks for the chance!!!

Louise Fortune

Seriously thoughtful - Happy Thanksgiving

Love to your family xx

Sarah Pendergrast

Prayers for you and your mom Laura, that is so hard.

Sharon Skinner

This is so kind, I'm in the UK but can pay postage. Prayers for you and your mum xxx


I am sending prayers for you and your mom for a speedy recovery! My mom was very ill a couple years ago and spent lots of days in the hospital. I know how hard that is for you!!!You are so sweet to do this!!!


Thank You.


Oh yes yes yes please. (best wishes for your mom and family)


Laura, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom, and entire family.

jackie radu

wow, what a generous giveaway! thanks so much for the chance to win :) hugs to you and your family this thanksgiving! my email address is jackieradu@gmail.com

Rebecca Lovell

Oh, honey - I hope your mom is better soon!!! Sending you hugs! (((hugs))) Have a happy Thanksgiving!


I am sorry your mom is back in the hospital. I pray that she is feeling better soon. Miss your stuff over at SC.

Jenny A

Hope your mom will get better soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thanks so much for a chance.


So sorry to hear your mom is in hospital! Hope she comes home soon. Happy Thanksgiving from Australia :)


Praying for your mom. Happy thanksgiving! Thanks for the giveaway!


I hope your mum will come out of hospital much much better.


So very sorry to read about your mom. I hope that she's out soon and able to spend time with you and your family. Thanks so much for a chance at the supplies and for thinking of others at such a stressful time for you. Wishing you and your family all the best~

Felicia W

My thoughts and prayers to you and your Mom. I hope she comes home soon. What a great way to brighen you day by bringing some joy to other. Thanks

Felicia W


saying prayers for your mom.


Many prayers for your mom and family.


I really hope your mom will be better and out of hospital soon!


Thanks for the opportunity! I hope you start to feel better and are able to enjoy your holiday.


Laura - so sorry to hear that your mom is in the hospital again. I pray for her daily and am sending hugs to all of you! Margaret ( mom's friend )

sigrun campbell

oh my!!! That looks good! Great news about your mom! My father got sick around this time (xmas) around 4 years ago. It is never a good time but Christmas is the worst so I am happy your mom is recovering.

Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!
I am in the middle of moving house and I remember those posts you posted awhile back ! I bought that lovely bamboo clock you posted the link to on etsy to celebrate!
would love a "house tour" when you get a chance! I love your style and I need some inspiration for my new house!


Thinking of you & hope that your Mom is back home soon.

Thank you for such a generous gesture, those boxes look full of goodie, especially like the notes from today stamp :)


thinking of you & your family, Laura!
Thank you for the giveaway, I know giving happy mail away always cheers me up, so hopefully it does you too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Wow - what a lovely generous early Christmas present. Lots of good wishes and prayers for your mum all the way from the UK.


My thoughts are with you and your mom. I hope she can come home soon!
You're so sweet, thanks for the chance!

Melissa (mollymoo951)

Hope your mom is home again, soon! Happy Thanksgiving! LOL on the fur embellishments...mine are white cat hairs. LOL.

Hollie S.

Prayers and strength for your mom. I can't imagine how hard that is for everyone. Hoping for some good news to come your way soon.
Thanks for the chance to win. :) So generous of you.


How generous of you!

I hope you Mom gets better soon!

Sheryl B.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Prayers for your mom. I have a scrapbook friend battling Lukemia right now. It's so hard to see the people you love fight so hard and have the treatments make hem feel so bad. Hopefully your mom will have a speedy recovery.


Oh, I am so sad to hear about your mom. That is rough and I am sure even more difficult around the holidays when you want everything to be normal.

It is so gracious of you to plan a giveaway for this time. Thank you and I hope you all area able to enjoy the day.

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