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That is one fine sounding /m/. And, how adorable that Charlie knows Charmer. Charmer will always be part of your family.

laura g.

you are hysterically funny...almost was going just going to say 'you are hysterical' but wouldn't want you to think i thought you were out of control...haha!! your kids are adorable!! but you know that!!

Steph H

he seems not at all phased that you said Good girl. :)

Love hearing him talk!!

Becky Trump

Brings tears to my eyes :) LOVE.
Also, I call E "Bubba" all the time because I'm used to saying to Henry ;)


So awesome!! I wonder how far that British accent could get you? 007?


my son Jack, (who didn't speak until he was nearly 3.5-4 yrs old) was dx with expressive verbal apraxia. his first real talking months- he sounded like he was from Boston (we're not from Boston)! We love looking back on those videos now. Now that he talks and talks and talks and talks . . . without a Boston accent. Charlie is so sweet.

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