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heathyr hintz

This is why I love you.

So much of what its become is pimping this product + that product and conforming to predetermined standards. You said it perfectly- it stopped feeling authentic.

I am really going to miss seeing your work- I find inspiration from you more than any other designer. I probably have most all of your old layouts and your Project Life spreads either in my favorites or pinned (this goes all the way back to your GG days!) I see so much love and emotion in every piece you create which is why I am so, so sad to see you leave.

But I totally get it.

Good luck to you, I won't stop reading :)


You will be missed Laura. Your authentic voice is what will keep me returning to your blog.


Authentic is always better than all the phoniness. Good for you for remaining true to yourself.


Lisa A

And because you remain true to who you are, is why I continue to come back to your blog!


Amen. The amount a scrapbooker needs to publicly share these days is nuts. Please keep sharing your layouts. The quotes you find always either lift me up or bring on the tears. Just perfect!


Will miss your pages, but I hear you loud and clear. Please please please don't stop blogging, I enjoy reading the little stories you share!

Stephanie Baxter

Great that you've made a decision to stay true to who you are. Will you still be sharing your albums here on your blog? I'd be so sad not to see what you've been making altogether!


The sad news keep on coming this time. :( I love what you do, and will miss you dearly.


You are my favourite and I'm terribly sad about this, but you know I completely get you. Much creativity in your 'retirement, and share here SVP!!! xoxo


the changes are astounding and i totally understand your decision but i can't help having the little lump in my throat. i hope you continue to create your marvellous pages for your wee kids to admire and adore.


being a hobbyist is a fine thing thing to be. forcing it is never fun. high five for authenticity and for doing what's right for you.

Julie v.

For what it is worth I gained so much inspiration from the simplicity of your pages. You preserve such special memories with so few products. I hope you continue to share your hobby....and gift. Thanks.


I have always enjoyed the pages you've shared. Thank you for staying true to yourself. I look forward to seeing the new things you decide to share! All the best to you!


When you can, please share your creations here. Your work is so inspiring.

Amy S

Kerphlooey. Wish it could be like before. Please keep creating and sharing. I love your style, to say you will be missed is quite an understatement. Congrats on your sweet Gracie, love seeing her on your blog. Our sweet girl, Sugar, passed almost 3 yrs ago...seeing your puppy makes my heart smile.

Davinie Fiero



Laura - I hope you keep sharing whatever projects you do work on. I want to scrap like you when I grow up.


there is nothing like being true to yourself. good for you. sad for me. please, please share your work here, laura!



When it starts to be about something else and not you, then it is time to stop. I enjoy your pages and gain inspiration from them, we all do! Keep on capturing those memories!

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