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Ha! You're funny. And indeed, so pretty!


You are too cute, Laura! :)))

You look beautiful. And I've had dinner with Badgley & Mischka. Very nice people. :)


I well remember those days of shopping for sequined dresses for you. I especially liked the sequined blue skirt with the satin top. And the hot pink sequined number that Mercer coveted hahaha.It was not easy to find a dress that was long enough for you.

You and Bonnie looked great!



more. sparkles. more. sequins. more. bling. more. more. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you look pretty.)


This made me laugh out loud. I think we would be tall friends IRL. I, too, am 5'10". I work out of my house, so sometimes forget that other people are normal size. I often look like a giant. I wore a red dress to my husband's work luncheon with heels and looked like a giant elf.

Hawi Moore


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