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You and Carron are both the best gift givers! You girls are amazingly creative and so good at finding unusual and meaningful gifts





I care - after an unexpected night in a hotel - I attempted to comment but my battery died :/ 1st world problems.

Any who.... I just want to let you know birchbix is a getaway drug. I have been hooked for way too long but my favorite mail order amazingness is Popsugar must have monthly boxes. If you haven't already - just treat yourself to one box and fall in love. If the contents don't work for you - stash them for a friend or family member they are better suited for :)

My link if you are interested : but you were warned!


BTW - Carron was an amazing neighbor for many reasons and her gift giving skills were beyond amazing! But her cupcakes and treats even more so!!!


Do they ship to Canada? I'd love to use your link to try it. xo

Hawi Moore

Thanks for sharing this post

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