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Oh how I have missed you here : )


I hate that blog posts and chatty e-mails (not just yours) have been replaced by FaceBook and Instagrams (and maybe tweets, but I do not do those). Sigh.

Wait until the children see our (non) beach. It is nothing.



hi lovely lady with the lovely family. Hold onto your hat, it goes by so fast.
Enjoy the wild ride! xoxo


You're back!!! I had almost given up checking on your blog...so happy to hear things are going great!

Amy B

Laura, I never emailed you after meeting you on the boardwalk in Bethany this summer! My email is attached to my comment, if you are ever passing through Memphis, feel free to get in touch...I can show you some fun places to take the kids!

Funny, you asked me this summer if I had brought any scrapping stuff to the beach with me and I didn't. I have in the past, but I realized this trip that every moment was spent with family...walks in the morning, beach during the day, and late nights doing puzzles and playing cards against humanity. As much as I hate that the memory keeping is on the back burner, I certainly loved creating the memories!

Take care!

jenn shurkus

love your posts- even if they dont happen frequently- enjoying and taking in all that life stuff is far more important :)


so wonderful to see your post and updates I have missed seeing the pictures.I know you are all busy...take care:)judy


Fabulous to hear from you!!!


oh the email from Charlie just made me smile!
so nice to see you post!


I have missed you! So glad you are safe and the family is well!

Rebecca Trump

LOVE this. life is a whirl wind, but it's good to see you and your photos, sweet friend :)


So great to see this update post from you and to know that everybody's doing well :) I have really missed you and your work. Take care.


Did I post that comment above? I don't remember...
In any case, I came by to virtually visit you, but you weren't home, LOL...
I miss you and your scrapbooking, but I totally know how life is- if we were neighbours I'd have you over for wine and 1 photo, 1 embellishment pages, HA! Come back soon LK. xoxo

Amy B

Just jumped over here from Ali's page announcing you as a member of her creative team! Congrats! Glad to hear you are still scrapping and I hope it means we'll get to see more of your lovely work here soon! :)

Brigid Kehoe

Thank Gawd...an update blog post! Enjoyed it so much!

Hawi Moore

Love the photos

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