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Rachel Millington

Awesome! Glad you're back, I love your scrappy style and can't wait to see more!


Can't wait to see what you create ... so fun to see your smiling face & adorable family.

Nita K.

So glad you're back! Love the update...the kids are so big! I can't wait to see more.


Missed seeing you in my blog feed! Glad all is well, especially with your mom. I think of her often.


It really made my day to see that you are at Ali Edward's creative team. (The fun thing is that I knew about you long before I knew about Ali Edwards or Studio Calico, because at that time my only scrapbook resource was Two peas, where you were my absolute favourite source of inspiration.) Your work has always been gorgeous, and I have been checking your blog regurarly to see if perhaps there is something about scrapbooking here. Great to read that your mom is doing pretty good. And fun to see your cute children growing up. Looking so much forward to see your work again!


I was selfishly hoping you would start blogging again : )

Abby Lane



YAHOOOOOOO!!! Welcome back!


Yay you're back! I so enjoy your writing and your humour not to mention your layouts! (And your home tours waaaay back then. I hope you do updates especially since I am moving in a couple weeks and getting overwhelmed with colours, choices, design styles, clutter and decluttering and what to do first :0 ) I've been looking forward to this post since I read on Ali's blog that you're on the team :) wonderful to hear your mom is doing good and wow your kids are so big now! Looking forward to it all ! :)


I like you and miss your face

Amy B

Welcome back!!


Laura! Wow, I remember stumbling across your blog about 6 years ago! Falling in love with Charmer and enjoying the snippets of your life that you shared in blog posts. Here and there I would check your blog for any new updates. I remember that one time I met you at the mall! Crazy, where does the time go?! My own golden is now ten! Take care and Merry Christmas

Hawi Moore

This is cute

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